Tax Day Tea Parties

***Just a quick aside, I wrote this in a political science class as a current event reaction paper. At the time (in April 2009) in Fresno there were protests by the Tea Party that I chose to react to. ***

Current Event Reaction Paper: Tax Day Tea Parties
When April 15th is mentioned the first thought that comes to mind is tax day, a group of protesters came up with the clever idea to protest the Obama administration’s raise of taxes on that very day calling it Tax Day Tea Parties. What most people don’t know about this event is that it wasn’t the first of its kind, and I’m not talking about the Boston Tea Party either. “On February 27th, an estimated 30,000 Americans took to the street in 40+ cities across the country in the first nationwide ‘Tea Party’ protest. Organizers of the February 27th events pledged to continue on with an even bigger and better protest to follow the first. With April 15th being ‘Tax Day’, it was decided to schedule the second round of Tea Party protests to ride alongside the tax deadline.” (Tax Day Tea Party) This protest gained media attention as well as raising awareness about the happenings of the Obama administration, it was also a great demonstration of our constitutional rights as Americans to protest.
April 15 was more than just the tax deadline this year with the tax day tea parties occurring across the nation. Fox News describes this event as, “Thousands of protesters – some dressed in colonial wigs with tea bags hanging from their eyeglasses – showed up in states from California to Kentucky to Massachusetts, holding signs and reading speeches lambasting the Obama administration’s tax-and-spend policies.” This event made a huge impact simply because it was so widespread; it was covered by news media in both national and local news. The big message being sent out here by the protesters was, “we’re not going to take it”. Their goal was to make their grievances known, and they certainly did because the media circuit lit up that day with the tea party “festivities”.
A bit more research on this event led me to discover that according to the tax day tea party website it “began in early 2009 when Rick Santelli, the On Air Editor for CNBC, set out on a rant to expose the bankrupt liberal agenda of the White House Administration and Congress. Specifically, the flawed ‘Stimulus Bill’ and pork filled budget.” (Tax Day Tea Party) The website also states that this movement gained momentum and was spread through social networking websites such as facebook and twitter.
In Fresno, over 1,000 demonstrators gathered on tax day to protest government spending and tax policies and according to the Fresno Bee the crowd reached 7,500 by 6pm. This event demonstrates our constitutional rights as Americans to protest, in this case the protesters feel the government isn’t doing what is right and oppose the taxes and policies our new President has put in place since taking office. “The demonstrations are part of a larger grassroots movement against government spending called Taxed Enough Already, or TEA – giving name to the Tax Day Tea Parties – and come more than 235 years after the original Boston Tea Party revolt against taxes.” (Fox News) There is a connection here with the Boston Tea Party during the time of the American Revolution. The colonists also felt they were being taxed without representation; many Americans feel this way today and oppose the taxes President Obama has been raising since he took office in January.
Most people think this is strictly a right-wing republican movement, but this simply isn’t the case. One of the Fresno coordinators, Jared Gordon (who is also a member of the Fresno County Republican Central Committee) said in a quote taken from a Fresno Bee article that “the ‘tea party’ wasn’t a Republican event, — rather, … it was an attempt to send a message to Sacramento and Washington, D.C., that people are fed up with the government spending, taxation and corruption.” (Branan) It was also a platform for prospective republican candidates in the upcoming 2012 election to get their names out there and gain supporters while voicing their opinions about the current administration’s taxes and policies. These republicans have a goal of taking back the White House by the time the next election comes up and they are doing a good job of it so far by showing the people exactly what President Obama is doing in contrast with all his big pre-office promises.
What this protest really did was make people aware, during campaigning it seemed all Obama talked about was change and how he would get America out of the economic recession while lowering taxes. It seems as though the new President has done the exact opposite of what he promised before he became our President. This is a typical case of the lying politician, in my opinion Americans have every right to be mad and protest what our President and his administration have done because this isn’t what [they thought] they voted for. I feel that if you’re going to make a promise to the American people, it should be kept; like I learned in class, you’re not voting for the President, you’re voting for the party and this is where the Democratic Party is leading our nation.
Since President Obama has taken office it seems he is leading the American people towards socialism. He has raised taxes, made several attempts at universal healthcare (otherwise known as socialized medicine), and signed the Stimulus Bill which put billions of dollars “to good use”. President Obama’s stimulus bill hasn’t done anything but put Americans farther into debt, he is putting a big financial burden on the generations to come and it’s not fair. Democrats have control of the Senate and the House so Republicans have almost no say in what gets passed into legislation anymore, this doesn’t seem constitutional at all for one party to control the government especially if they are leading us towards a new form of government, socialism.
The purpose of this event was fulfilled and hopefully the American people will stay tuned in with what the President and his administration have done and will do in the next 4 years. In my opinion, the most interesting part of this event was the President’s reaction. On April 29, at a town hall meeting in Arnold, Missouri the President said this of the event “So, you know, when you see — those of you who are watching certain news channels on which I’m not very popular and you see folks waving tea bags around, let me just remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long term, how we’re going to stabilize Social Security.” The President may not think that this is serious, but the movement has begun and it will only continue to grow stronger.

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Writer’s Workshop: Before my Trip to Paris 7 years ago…

There are four days left until I go to Paris for Spring Break! My emotions are currently: excited, scared, and disbelief. I never would have thought that I would be going to Paris (this young in my life). When I first signed up months ago I certainly did not feel the way I do as of current. Since it is so close, it is all I can think about (besides all the regular burdens of life).

I can’t wait to visit all the monuments I have been studying about throughout high school. I especially cannot wait to see the beautiful works of art displayed in the Musée D’Orsay. All the most beautiful women in the world await me in one city. (Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and all the rest) The city of light should be a truly enlightening experience for me. I am also excited for our stop-over in London. I would have friends meet me at the airport, but with security tight as it is, it was an impossible task. However, I will be able to call. Hopefully I will be able to go on a trip like this again later in life.

Another thing that is unbelievable for me at this moment is all the work I am putting into college before I even get there. I have so many scholarships to fill out and financial aid forms to deal with and I haven’t even registered yet. It is also unbelievable that I am missing Preview Day for Paris, but I think it is a fair trade. I hope college won’t be too much of an overwhelming experience for me. I can’t even believe I will be going to college so soon. I’m sure my parents and relatives don’t either.

There are many of other things in my life that are unbelievable. It is unbelievable that I have survived this long in high school with such good grades. It is unbelievable that I’m not dead for so many stupid mistakes I’ve made along the way, but I guess I’m just lucky. The most unbelievable thing is that I have made it this far in life, successfully. Invictus never rang more true because “my head is bloody, but unbowed”.

Etude 6

The air was cold as it swirled through my hair and caressed my face. I could feel the warmth of the fire on my cheeks and the warmth of a body pressed close to mine. The sunset was captivating but it was getting dark and everyone knows not to stay too long after dark in Huntington beach.

It was mid-October, closer to Halloween. I had “taken a break” from my studies and driven more than 300 miles south in my gas guzzler because Sam had never put a toe in the ocean or a foot on the warm sandy beach.

The beach was deserted and it seemed like ours was the only fire pit being used for miles. This was going to be our first night alone. I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. We sat taking in the scenery for a bit longer until Sam couldn’t take it anymore so we drove out to the nice little hotel I had booked for us.

“You didn’t tell me you booked this place,” he said.

“I thought it would be a nice surprise, happy half-year baby” and I gave him a peck on the cheek. We got to our room and it was pretty late, I was tired and needed to take a load off from all that driving. Sam understood. After I felt well rested enough I asked Sam what we should do for dinner. He took my keys and said it was a surprise.

Etude 5

Out of nowhere there is a knock at Becky’s door. It was a representative from the American Bar Association, that was weird. The woman’s name was Katherine, she had a proposition for Becky.

“The D.A. would like you to work for him.”

“I would need some time to think about that,” Becky began.

“We could waive all your student loans,” Katherine began, “and we could pay you a pretty good salary as well. I hope that you’ll seriously consider this proposition.”

With that she left her card and exited the apartment. Becky stood in the middle of the apartment awestruck. This job could change her whole life, so what was she waiting for? Could she call Katherine right away? She looked at her card for quite some time and decided to pick up the phone. When Katherine answered she seemed to sense that Becky would call.

“I thought you’d come around Becky, why don’t you come by this afternoon and we can draw up a contract and work out the figures.” Katherine said with an air of ease.

“Sounds great” Becky replied and immediately hung up and began getting ready.

Etude 4

Becky was fresh out of law school looking for a job. She had a B.A. in Philosophy pre-law and political science under her belt along with the highest LSAT scores in her graduating class at Whittier College. Months after taking the BAR exam she had anxiously awaited her results to find that she had passed all parts of the exam, with flying colors.

Everything in Becky’s life had been difficult up to this point. She had lost her mother to leukemia when she began high school and not too long afterwards her dad quit his job and started drinking. Her father left her right after she started college.

All Becky ever wanted was to become a lawyer. She had been told it would be difficult, but she was up for the challenge. In high school she had done alright. She practically flunked freshman year but had been excused on the count of her mother dying and all. Becky applied to two UC’s and 5 state schools. In the end she decided on CSULB; her mother lived for the beach. After graduating she was over$40,000 in student loans and had to continue to law school. Becky held a job as a waitress to pay her student loans while also taking out new ones for law school.

Once she was out of law school she was free. Her scores from the BAR exam were exceptional and she was told she could have a job anywhere she wanted. It was time for the cards to be in Becky’s favor for a change.

When Becky woke up the sun fell across her face gently waking her. She got out of bed and fixed some coffee and plopped on the couch with the classified section of the OC Register. She meticulously scanned for jobs and highlighted her top five choices and called to schedule interviews.

The morning of her first interview was a disaster. There had been a power outtage the night before and Becky woke up too late to set out for the interview with an excuse. The second interview went well, or so she thought. She received no phone call whatsoever, the position must have been filled. Two weeks passed before the next interview. The phone rang before Becky could step out the door. Her father had died and since she was the only living heir there were affairs that needed to be attended to. The next two interviews were pushed aside because Becky simply did not have time.

Etude 3: Point of View

This is a repost titled POV that was published on this blog previously, but it also happens to be the third etude in the series so I felt that I should include it for those who did not read it the first time.

Part 1

I was only eight years old when it happened. I can remember the very moment they told me, almost down to the second. There I was, sitting in Mr. Lamb’s third grade class. We were in the middle of a geography lesson, U.S. states and capitals; I remember it well. Our principal Mrs. Green came in and called my name, “Sarah Chalk.” I was terrified.

A rush of thoughts flooded my mind: How had she known my name? What did I do? All I could think was, “I’m innocent, I swear.” She asked me to take a walk with her to the office; I had no choice. She held my hand and escorted me out of the room and past the sea of questioning faces.

Her office was cold, too cold if you ask me. There were pictures of who I presumed to be her family and a dish of candy that she offered me to,”Help yourself sweetie.” I abstained. She asked me how I was and I had said fine; I was after all, my morning had been completely normal until she appeared in my classroom only minutes before which seemed like hours ago now.

“Mrs. Green?” I had managed to stutter in my littlest voice.

“Yes, Sarah?” she said through understanding eyes.

“Why did you call me here?” I said in a voice that didn’t belong to me because it was louder than before.

“I don’t know how to tell you this,” she began sternly “do you have any older brothers or sisters?” I shook my head no. “That makes this a little easier,” she paused and drew in a deep breath

Etude 2: Describe a room

The room is lit only by the light peaking through the screenless window blocked only by a boxed fan. It is cool upon entering the room, but this can only contribute to the fact that the ceiling fan is at full blast in addition to the fan in the window. There is a tv on the dresser to the left of the door and drawers are left carelessly open with a pile of clothes next to the small television. There is a mirror to the right of the door, perhaps there is a closet behind it. A shelf of books carelessly piled one on top of the other seems to stare at you as you walk into the room. There is a lonely bed in the left corner, stripped of its covers baring only the dull blue sheets. A computer rests near the bed while the screen sits on the headboard. There is also a warm laptop on the corner of the bed. The carpet is soft with speckled shades of blue and the walls are a drab shade of white.

He stands tall at about 6’1 with pale skin and color changing eyes. He has long legs covered by a worn pair of jeans and strong arms that are draped with a green cotton tee. He has big feet on account of his height but isn’t wearing shoes. The green t-shirt turns his eyes a stunning shade of blue. His hair is short and feathery, a lovely shade of wheat. His face and eyes are soft but brought together by his bright pink lips, he has a strong jaw and a broken nose that never went back to normal. His face and neck are freshly shaven and he smells of axe deodorant. His facial expression is content and there is no hint of negative energy about his whole body.

etude 1.5

Write an extended metaphor for writing

Writing is a process, similar to a journey but most like taking a hike. Before taking a hike one needs some knowledge of the terrain before packing their supplies,this could be compared to a prompt or topic for writing. When preparing for a hike one needs to make sure they have adequate supplies to last them throughout the entire hike, this could be seen as the prewrite or outline in writing. Hikes can be long or short, as can the stories that are a product of writing. Finally, when you’ve hiked to the top of a hill or mountain you feel a sense of accomplishment. At the top of that place, (wherever it may be) the view is spectacular. After finishing writing there is a sense of accomplishment also, your work is the lovely view at the end of the hike.

Describe who you are as a writer

I’ve been writing all my life. There are a wide range of aspects I like and dislike about writing. I love most writing, except lab write-ups and research papers. I’m used to essay writing with strict rules and formats, fiction writing is not easy for me but I doubt thinking and imagining is easy for anyone.

Fiction can be conveyed in various styles. There aren’t really any set of rules for writing fiction. Don’t steal Carver’s or Cisneros’ writing style, you may use elements of their styles, but you need to find your own style. Comparing and contrasting the two different styles helped me to discern what I do in my writing from what those particular authors do. Finding my own writing style isn’t going to be an easy task.

Etude 1

Today I went through the enormous horde that consists of everything I’ve ever done in college. All the notes, powerpoints, tests, papers,etc. Now that may sound like hoarding (and admittedly it is, a little),but I had a purpose in mind when I set all these things aside and that purpose was to use them later. One of the things I came across was a set of ‘etudes’ from my fiction writing class that I took my first semester of college. I thought they would be perfect to share on my blog since they are almost all expository and personal in some way and I really just wanted to go back and have a little nostalgia for my college days. So this is the first post in a series of ‘etudes’. I hope you enjoy them!

. . .

“Why would you say it unless you meant it?”, she asked him in a quiet voice.

“I don’t know,” he paused to think “just got caught up in the excitement I guess.”

“You don’t get ‘caught up’ and lie to someone about how you feel about them, unless you aren’t all there–”

“No, I was all there” he interrupted.

“Then tell me straight out right now,” she said “was it true or not?”

“I don’t know,” he said,”I need some time to think about it.”

“What do you mean you ‘need time’? Either you meant it–either you mean it or you don’t. It’s as simple as that” she said flatly.

He took a long pause and gazed around at the ransacked bedroom. He took a few moments to think before finally saying,”I’m sorry. I’m sorry about last night, I’m sorry about everything.”

“Sorry doesn’t answer my question”, she said coldly.

He stood up and began gathering his things.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Out.” was the last thing he said to her. She sat on the bed and drew in a deep breath. The tears had come before she had a chance for any thoughts to cross her mind.

“I think he’s gone for good” she said to no one in particular before passing out from exhaustion in a bed that was not hers and a room that was all too familiar.

French Friday- Poeme Impromptu

Poème impromptu

C’est le jour de la Saint-Valentin
Je mange des bonbons
Que j’ai reçus de mon petit ami
Il sait que j’aime le sucre

Je suis seule, il pleut
La pluie crée le son
Plic ploc! sur le toit
Le silence me fait peur

Mon petit ami est revenu
Il a ce dont j’ai besoin
Pour l’examen
Je me demande
Est-ce que je suis enceinte?
Le bâtonnet  me dit…

Journal sur poème
J’ai des mots sur mon papier, <>. Je pense de quoi j’écrirai un poème avec ses mots si bizarre. Je pense à mon jour aujourd’hui, et la pluie. j’écoute mon camarade du chambra sur l’ordinateur. Je ne veux pas écrire, mais j’essayerai, peut-être. Je regarde l’émission de la télé <> il m’inspire. Quand je commence à écrire, c’est facile. J’écris, j’écris, j’écris. C’est bon. pas de problème, sauve l’inspiration, que j’ai trouvé en <>. J’écris et c’est tout. Fin.